October 14, 2005
Interivew with Digithal, after elimination

Q: As this was your first live experience with poker, how did you feel right before starting the tournament?
- I was really nervous. It's so different from sitting in front of the computer.

Q: If/When did you start feeling comfortable at the table?
- After the dinner break, about 4 hours into the tournament.

Q: How many chips did you have at best?
- Approximately 23,000. Sometime during the first two levels.

Q: Tell us about the situation that lead to your elimination?
- It was one of the last hands before level 6 ended. I had KK and raised it up. My opponent re-raised and I went all-in which he called. He showed me AK and I knew I was ahead. The ace fell on the board and that was that for me. Pot was at approximately 22,000.

Q: How do you feel about the live poker game after this experience, something you want to give a shot?
- Well I dont know. I definately think that I need to get some practice before the next time if I am to participate in an event of this size and skill. I mean this is the first time I set my foot in a Casino. Great experience all in all though I must say!

October 13, 2005
Pre-tournament interview with Oskar Osilow

Q: When did you start playing poker?
- August last year, but right after getting into Online poker I went to USA for six month during which I didn't get to play any. So in a sense I guess you could say I started in Feburary this year.

Q: How did you get involved in poker?
- I had watched a close friend of mine play poker online and thought "well hey, maybe I should give this a shot!"

Q: So you're basically self taught then?
- Depends on how you look at it. Like most people I've played a few rounds of draw poker with friends now and then so I knew the basics already. It took some time to learn how community cards in Texas Hold'em affects the way people play.

Q: What about books or articles on poker?
- Well while I didn't get much chance to play during my six months in the US, I did read some books and get a better understanding of game theory.

Q: We all know you participated in the World Series of Poker 2005. But most also know that you spend quite a lot of time online too. Do you prefer Live poker or Online?
- In my mind tournaments should be played live, whereas cash games I prefer to play online. Live tournaments are great fun!

Q: How many hours a week do you play poker?
- I would say around 40 all things considered. Sometimes I take a week off, others I play double shifts. I try to take it easy on weekends and spend time with my lovely soon-to-be wife :)

Q: Back to the World Series of Poker, what were your expectations going into the tournament with a massive starting field of 6000 players?
- For as long as I've played poker I've always felt that I am able to reach the top 10% if I am focused and give it my best. My expectations for WSOP 2005 were no different. I knew I had it in me.

Q: What's your most memorable poker hand/experience?
- I have two equally memorable experiences - doubling up a couple of times against Phil Ivey and bluffing him out of a rather big pot.

Q: Then who's your favorite poker pro?
- I would have to say Phil Ivey or Chris Ferguson!

Q: Lastly, how do you feel about Swedish Open main event tomorrow?
- Pretty good :)